Drive Big Impact

Maximize ROI by reaching any audience with cutting-edge ad experiences, real-time AI, and personalized cross-screen targeting.

Designed For All Your Objectives

Our end-to-end platform and team of media experts build activations to boost advertisers’ branding and traffic metrics holistically. VDO.AI combines an agnostic approach with one-of-a-kind creative strategies to ensure that all your KPIs are met.


Across All Screens & Streams Amplification

Leverage VDO.AI’s 700+ contextual segments across all screens to determine moments that matter for consumers. Our technology combines premium inventory, data utilization, and AI to activate where your customer is, not where we think they are.


Deliver And Measure At Scale

VDO.AI’s real-time insights allow advertisers to discover and understand their audience metrics and optimize subsequent targeting based on business results that matter. These insights further drive optimal outcomes, like VCR, CTR, dwell time, and viewability.


Brand Safety Guaranteed

We empower advertisers with comprehensive brand safety and brand suitability capabilities. Complete compliance with all the leading measurement providers ensures a 100% brand-safe environment, always.


Case Studies


McDonald’s partnered with VDO.AI to infuse creativity and provide scale with their audience to drive brand awareness through VDO.AI’s interactive 3D Wobble unit. With smart uses of data and technologically advanced strategies, VDO.AI identified highly engaged viewers and classified them into funnel segments based on multiple variables like demographics, behavior, preferences, etc.


Higher CTR Than Industry Standards*

*46% Industry Average Reported By Google 2022


Frequently asked questions

To start working as a VDO.AI advertiser, all you need is a campaign objective. As long as you know what you want to achieve, we can help you craft creative strategies that drive results that matter. To kick start the process, you can write to us on [email protected].
Absolutely. We help any company: be it a brand’s in-house team or agency partner, we got you covered. Get the creative assistance and access to our dynamic AI technology to scale production and deliver incredible results.
Your privacy is our topmost concern.That means your data is yours and used only to help gather insights to boost your creative performance. We have a strict policy to never share your information with third parties.
Definitely. Head to our Contact Us page to request a personalized demo and see how VDO.AI can scale up your marketing performance to the next level.